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Robotic surgery in Guyana

With so much advancement in technologies, robots are now used to carry out surgeries along with the surgeries. These robots assist the doctors in carrying out the surgeries effectively. The robot can operate manually as well as automatically. Some robotics arms are designed to mimic the movement of the surgeons for performing some operations.

Then some robotics hands can grab surgical instruments that are too small for the surgeon's hand. These robotic hands are highly stabilized, unlike the hand tremors in human hands.

What is the purpose of robotic surgery in Mumbai?

Robotic surgery or robotic-assisted surgery allows the surgeon to carry out surgeries with more precision and accuracy. As compared to traditional methods, robotic surgery is far better with more flexibility. With the help of these robots, the surgeons can handle delicate and complex operation precisely.

Even difficult or impossible operations can be done with the help of robotic surgery in Mumbai. The robots are designed to perform a variety of tasks like holding surgical instruments, mimicking the surgeon's hand, and even conducting the surgery automatically. But in most cases, robot-assisted surgeries are carried out under the command of the surgeon.

How to prepare for robotic surgery?

Before your robotic surgery, here are some tips for preparing yourself for the surgery:

●           Clear all your doubts with the doctor. If there is anything you want to know, just ask the doctor and clear your doubts. You must be aware of how the operation will be carried out and how you must stay calm.

●           Before 7-9 days before surgery, you should stop all blood thinners like aspirin, warfarin, and ibuprofen.

●           10 days before surgery, you should stop taking any kind of medication or vitamin supplements that may affect the operation.

●           Before the surgery, you should neither smoke nor drink any alcohol.

Is robotic surgery safe?

Many people fear that robotic surgery is not as safe as the robots can malfunction or does not work as intended. But that is truly not the case for robotic surgery. The risks in robotic surgeries are just as much as that of conventional surgery methods.

However, in the case of robotic surgery, the chances of infection are very less. This is one of the main reason why robotic surgery is a better alternative to that of conventional surgery methods. Even the surgeons favour the use of robotic surgery as it is faster, safer, and accurate.

Benefits of robotic surgery

Here are the major benefits of robotic surgery:

●           Less pain and discomfort: Due to the high precision of the robots, the tissue damage in the abdomen is very less, thus reducing pain and discomfort.

●           Less blood loss: Due to the high accuracy of incision, there will be very few blood loss.

●           Scaring would be less as compared to tradition incision methods: Since the incisions will be smaller, there will be very fewer scars post-surgery as compared to tradition surgery methods.

●           Infection rate is lower in the case of robotic surgery: In traditional methods, the entire abdomen is opened which increases the chances of infection. But in case of robotic surgery, only small incisions are done to carry out the operation.


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