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Fat removal Surgery

A well-toned body is a dream everyone wishes to live. The change in lifestyle, busy schedule, and unhealthy diet has affected our physique to the extreme. The excessive fat, coagulated in distinct parts of the body can be a big turn down. To remove this excessive fat in your body from abdomen, hips, thighs, neck, back, arms, etc. the technique of cosmetic surgery has come into practice commonly known as fat removal surgery. Our service provides you the best fat removal surgery in Sarpsborg. The other name for fat removal surgery that is commonly used is Liposuction or Lipo in short.

The main role of a fat removal surgery is to eradicate the fat from the body that can’t be reduced by diet or exercise. It’s not more than a cosmetic procedure, which may include other plastic surgeries as well.

What are the factors one needs to satisfy prior to the surgery?

If you wish to undergo a fat removal surgery, there are some minor requirements that you need to fulfil to avoid the unnecessary complications

●            Your bodyweight must be 30% as per your ideal weight.

●            You should not possess smoking as your habit.

●            You should have a firm skin with elasticity properties.

Our fat removal surgeons testify to all these needs, in addition to other tests such as diabetes, blood pressure, and other cardiac related issues. To ensure you the best possible results, without any post-surgery issues, our best fat removal surgeons in Sarpsborg strictly prohibits this surgery to a client with a weak immune system.

The basic mechanism involved in a fat removal surgery is to suction up the excessive fat from the body, with the help of a thin tube called cannula. To suction out the excessive fat it is necessary to convert it into a liquid form. The procedure is to be carried out with extreme care to obtain precise results. Our experts of removal surgery, strive hard to provide you with the best possible results. You are liable to access the different surgery options, and opt according to your convenience.

1.            Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction: The ultrasonic sound waves are used to break down the cell walls of fat cells. This liquefies the fat, which can be removed from the body with the help of suction.

2.            Laser-Assisted Liposuction: Numerous surgeries today can be carried out by Laser application. The same is the case for fat removal surgery, the beam of laser energy is targeted on the specific area of the body, to liquefy the fat present therein.

3.            Tumescent Fat Removal Surgery: This is the most common, and widely used fat removal process. The surgeon injects a sterile solution of lidocaine, epinephrine, and saline solution (mainly salt water) in the affected area. The role of the solution is easy suction of fat from the targeted area with least possible blood-loss, and pain.

A fat removal surgery at our service is performed with extreme care; and delicacy. The entire medications, and norms to be taken care of are explained with clear details to provide you the most eminent post-surgery results.

The prominent services are assured by the best Fat removal surgery Doctors. The entire treatment along with the surgery process is monitored by doctors. Thinking about to execute this surgery, get in touch with our experts now!