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I am a Doctor in Uitenhage and have 30 years of experience in the field of bariatric surgery in Uitenhage. We have dedicated team of experienced and best bariatric surgeon in Uitenhage and providing 100% patience care and offer personal aftercare packages of bariatric surgery.  Our team doctors and bariatric surgeon hold weekly clinic in Uitenhage and providing free bariatric surgery consolation in Uitenhage. Our top most bariatric surgeon are register with General Medical Council and working with private and government hospital in Uitenhage. It’s as also known with various name like as bariatric surgery, obesity surgery or weight loss surgery in Uitenhage. We have best cost of Bariatric surgery in Uitenhage with private hospital located near you.

We have experience of operating bariatric surgery or operation of weight loss in various hospitals in Uitenhage like as AIIMS Hospital, Apollo Hospital, Artemis Hospital, BGS Global Hospital, Breach Canady Hospital, Columbia Hospital, Fortis Hospital, Global Health City Hospital, Hiranandani Hospital, Hosmat Hospital, Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Leelawati Hospital, Mallya Hospital, Manipal Hospital, MIOT Hospital, Nova Specialty Hospital, Rockland Hospital, Seven Hills Hospital, Tata Memorial Hospital, Vijaya Hospital, Wockhardt Hospital, Sunshine Global Hospital, Saifee Hospital, Suchak Hospital, Namaha Healthcare, St. Elizabeth's Hospital, Nayati Medicity and Jaypee Hospital.

Bariatric Surgery or Weight loss surgery includes a variety of procedure by reducing the size of stomach with gastric band or through removal of a portion of stomach or resecting and re routing the small intestine to a small stomach. Bariatrics surgery in Uitenhage is only procedure for sustain weight loss in morbidly obese patients. Obesity is classified in various class according our Normal Weight, Overweight, Class 1 Obesity, Class 2 Obesity and Class 3 Obesity in Uitenhage.

We have highly experienced and skilled team of bariatric surgeons and doctors in Uitenhage. Bariatric surgeon using laparoscopic and robotic technique for bariatric surgery in Uitenhage. We have preparation and follow up program to help and succeed in bariatric surgery in Uitenhage as well as we are also providing comprehensive medical weight loss program in Uitenhage. We have more than 30 year of experienced doctor to perform bariatric surgery in Uitenhage to handle complex cases of bariatric surgery like as problems or previous abdominal surgery. We have comfortable state of the art facility designed specifically for the care of bariatric patience. We weight loss program offers new hope and long term solutions.   

I am a Doctor of bariatric surgery as well as bariatric minimal access obesity surgeon in Uitenhage. We have well known team of doctor for bariatric obesity & metabolic surgeon in Uitenhage. Bariatric specialist doctor are ready to help you anytime in India. Our Bariatric surgery cost in Uitenhage is low as compare to other hospitals, clinical and surgery centre. Our team have experience of performing surgery like as laparoscopic & bariatric surgeon in Uitenhage.  

 Our specialist Doctors and Bariatric Surgeons are performing various type of bariatric surgery in Uitenhage Like as -

Laparoscopic Roux EnY gastric bypass

Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy

Laparoscopic duodenal switch

Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding (not very popular any more)

Endoscopic intra-gastric balloon insertion

Laparoscopic single anastomosis gastric bypass (mini-gastric bypass)

Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy with duodeno-ileostomy

Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy with duodeno-jejunal bypass

We have above listed various type of bariatrics operation for patience. Which procedure suits you depends on various factor like as patients age, gender, weight, food habits, associated diseases, team and patience commitments. Procedure of surgery is depends on patience and doctor that will evaluate you. Final decision about the procedure is taken after a mutual decision with doctor and patience.